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24 Mar

6 simple steps to buying your Trevi in-ground pool

24 March, 2016

This is the year when your dreams come true! You’ve finally made the decision to become the proud owner of an in-ground pool. At Trevi, we know that purchasing an in-ground pool is something that you want to plan in advance, and we’re here to simplify the process for you. Here are 6 easy steps to bringing your in-ground pool project to life!

1.Determine your budget

Options abound when choosing an in-ground pool. We offer 4 types of pools, all of which are available in different sizes and shapes. They can all be customized to fit your particular situation and backyard layout.

It’s also important to set a yearly maintenance budget, and to take into consideration your pool’s energy consumption. Many factors will affect your Hydro bill: a Trevi expert will be able to provide professional and experienced counsel when choosing your equipment, and will also suggest energy-efficient materials to keep your costs down.

In the meantime, find out about average energy costs by checking out the following link: http://www.hydroquebec.com/residential/energy-wise/swimming-pools/optimizer/.

Extending your summer is a wise investment. And how can you invest in prolonging your summer? During the warm season, your backyard becomes an extension of your house, an inviting and practical environment where you can take full advantage of being outdoors: keeping your pool water at a comfortable temperature with equipment adapted to your budget will extend both your house and your summer!


2. Picture yourself relaxing poolside

In other words, carefully assess your landscaping, the size of your yard as well as the surrounding elements (shed, trees, power cables, etc.) and imagine where you would want your pool to be installed. Consult a Trevi expert to determine the numerous possibilities.

To excavate your in-ground pool, our teams rely on heavy machinery such as backhoes and 11-foot trucks that will repeatedly enter and exit your backyard. For these vehicles to circulate properly, a 6-foot-wide clearance is necessary. If your passage is narrower, it may be necessary to use smaller, more expensive machinery, which may impact your budget.

There are no obstacles to making your dream a reality!

Click here to find out more about technical requirements and municipal by-laws concerning in-ground pools:


You can also follow this link for information on Hydro-Québec’s safety requirements. One can never be too careful!

3. Pay attention to Mother Nature and choose wisely

We strongly suggest that you take the following points into consideration when you discuss the installation of your new pool with your family:

  • Choose a sunny location. This will provide natural heat for your pool, and translate into energy savings.
  • Tress and shrubs are excellent, natural solutions to act as windscreens, but keep in mind that some of them (such as pine trees or weeping willows, for example) may entail additional pool maintenance.


Your in-ground pool will enhance your summer experience and provide memorable moments with family and friends. Depending on your technical and budgetary constraints, you will have to make the following choices:

  • The shape and size of your pool
  • The nature of your pool’s structure
  • The surrounding sidewalk / pavers
  • The fence
  • The electrical equipment (filter, pump, heater, etc.)
  • The stairs, ladders and other accessories


Rest assured, your Trevi expert will help you decide what’s best for you.

Our strength: we offer personalized service for a wide range of products, all made at our Trevi plant in Mirabel. This allows us to control every aspect of your pool, from design to installation!


4. Be aware of your future responsibilities

We do our best to offer turnkey service. However, you are responsible for certain aspects of the process. For example, you will need to visit your city’s planning department with your certificate of location in hand in order to obtain the necessary authorizations before building a pool. And while you’re there, brush up on the safety and environmental by-laws in effect where you live. This will ensure that your dream pool is both safe and compliant.

But wait! There’s more! When you purchase a Trevi pool, you are entitled to attend a free seminar explaining how to open and close your pool, thus facilitating your future maintenance responsibilities.


5. Obtain financing

You can obtain in-store financing, or apply for a confidential credit preapproval by clicking here:



  • Visit the Trevi store closest to your home

Drop by and meet a Trevi expert, with whom you can share your budget, your ideas, your constraints and your questions. Obtain preapproved financing and bring along your certificate of location: our expert will guide you through the process of enhancing your backyard with the pool of your dreams while taking both your wishes and your budget into consideration. The expert will also supply you with an implementation plan to determine the proper pool location in accordance with municipal by-laws.


Why not summon a Trevi expert to your house?

To help you plan for your new pool, you can schedule a free appointment with a Trevi expert in the comfort of your own home! The experienced Trevi expert will guide you in your choices, making sure that your dream project meets your needs, tastes and budget. Check out our video about a Trevi expert visiting your home!

Stay abreast of the latest trends by reading our official Trevi blog, which includes a variety of tips and advice, great ideas and step-by-step guides.

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