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31 Mar

Choosing a swimsuit that’s right for you

31 March, 2016

Choosing a swimsuit that’s right for you

Women often display signs of anxiety when faced with the purchase of a new swimsuit. Not only do they have to consider their own personal body issues, their skin tone and current fashion trends, but the swimsuit should also fit them like a glove. Not an easy task!

Before your quest for a swimsuit turns into a nervous nightmare, check out our professional tips and advice

Determine your body type and learn more about highlighting your unique silhouette.


The athletic type

You have clearly defined petite hips, the same width as your shoulders. You have a well-balanced figure. Think of Jessica Alba, for example.

You’re lucky to have such a proportioned figure. This allows you to be daring with colours and patterns.

However, you should avoid one-piece swimsuits and those with a tight band that flattens your figure.

Just make sure your choice of colour fits your skin tone. It’s that simple!


The apple type

You have a squarer stature and silhouette, with thinner hips and legs. Have you heard of Kate Upton?

Select a vertically striped top with fine feminine patterns to soften your stature. A swimsuit with a neck string, a V-shaped neckline to slim down your shoulders. Avoid all textured accents such as loose or bunched fabric, buttons or buckles.

For the lower garment, shorts or a tighter bikini bottom with well-defined prints will provide counterbalance and volume to your hips. Forget about one-piece suits, which could make you look like an Olympic swimmer.


The pear type

You have compact shoulders and a petite bust, with wider hips and thighs. Beyoncé would be a good candidate for this category.

Go a for a layered top with volume, bows and flashy prints and patterns. A classic padded, triangle bikini will enhance your bust.

The bottom should be more subdued: simple, uniform and discrete. Bows at the hips tend to slim your waist and are a great alternative to shorts.


The square type

Your bust, waist and hips share the same width. Much like Mel C from the Spice Girls.

Add a feminine touch to your figure with “girly” patterns and colours. Choose flowers, pink, small bows at the hips and a thin neck strap. Stay away from stripes, shorties and wrap-around bands. For the more androgynous, geometric shapes, extravagant styles and bright colours will combine to slim your waistline.

You are one of the lucky few that can wear bows, flounces and other accessories: be thankful and choose wisely!

There are swimsuits for every type of body. Some will highlight your curves, others will soften the shapes you’d rather hide. What’s most important is feeling good about yourself when you’re taking in the sun.

Ladies, you are beautiful, all of you: square, apple pear and athletic alike!